Keir Hardie

Marx: The Man and His Message (1910) Keir Hardie

Marx: The Man and His Message (1910) Keir Hardie

Part of the series of biographies of Karl Marx.
Keir Hardie founded, served as MP and led both the Independent Labour Party in 1893 and the Labour Party in 1900. Text reproduced here for reference.

The Keir Hardie Myth

New mural at Peace Passage based on Keir Hardie speaking at an anti war rally ju

From Socialist Standard March 1961
The myth about Keir Hardie's attitude to war is very persistent. At an anti-Polaris rally in Glasgow last December, the Co-operative Movement representative had only to refer to him, ". . . if we could get Keir Hardie here . . ." to have his words drowned by applause. Whatever the sentiments of the audience may have been, it was certainly in error about Hardie's attitude to war.

Hardie, Keir: The Forgotten Keir Hardie - Sylvia Pankhurst

This article by Sylvia Pankhurst, written in 1921 is a rejoinder to an appreciation by long-standing British Marxist and early member of the Communist Party, John B Askew. Sylvia argues that Hardie was always a class struggle politician and more influenced by Marx than many would have credited. Certainly her view is supported by a recent biography by Fred Reid (Keir Hardie: the Making of a Socialist) who shows that Hardie's early battles as an organiser for the Scottish miners convinced him of the centrality of class struggle and made him receptive to Marxist ideas.