Karl Kautsky

Money, treasure-building - Karl Kautsky

Kautsky money furious gold additional materials

Translation of two chapters from a section on the state in Kautsky's 1927 magnum opus on the materialist conception of history. (Reproduced for reference only)

Money matters - Karl Kautsky

example of Reichsbanknote

Translation of final one-third (pp. 140–56) of chapter seven (money) in Kautsky, Karl 1918, Sozialdemokratische Bemerkungen zur Uebergangswirtschaft [Social-democratic remarks on the transition economy]. (Reproduced for reference only)

Phasen und Zeitschriften des Marxismus - Karl Kautsky

Die Neue Zeit Die Gesellschaft. Internationale Revue für Sozialismus und Politik

Kautsky on the phases and journals of Marxism, on occasion of the launch of Die Gesellschaft. Internationale Revue für Sozialismus und Politik (1924–33), successor to Die Neue Zeit. The journal was edited by Hilferding and later Albert Salomon. It is online here.

Lenin rediscovered: what is to be done? in context - Lars T. Lih

Lars T. Lih challenges the conventional interpretation of V. I. Lenin’s classic text, included here is an authoritative new translation. What Is to Be Done? has long been interpreted as evidence of Lenin’s “elitist” attitude toward workers. Lih uses a wide range of previously unavailable contextual sources to fundamentally overturn this reading of history’s most misunderstood revolutionary text. He argues that Lenin’s polemic must be seen within the context of a rising worker’s movement in Russia, and shows that Lenin’s perspective fit squarely within the mainstream of the socialist movement of his time.

The new tactic - Karl Kautsky

Pannekoek Kautsky

Controversy with Anton Pannekoek.

The action of the mass - Karl Kautsky

Kautsky Karl statue Mario Petrucci

Analysis of unorganised mass action.

International Council Correspondence Volume 4, Number 7

Living Marxism/International Council Correspondence, Vol. 4, no. 7, June 1939

Review: Conventional lies of our civilisation - Karl Kautsky

Conventional Lies of our Civilization 1883 Max Nordau

Kautsky reviews a popular book of the social critic Max Nordau.

State socialism - Karl Kautsky

First article of a 3-part series by Karl Kautsky from 1881. It is a critique of state socialism. The second article can be found here.

The abolition of the state - Karl Kautsky

This is the second article in a 3-part series by Karl Kautsky from 1881. This part is about the anarchist position towards the state.