Junge Linke

Benefit envy without benefit - Junge Linke

Junge Linke discuss the government's mobilisation of benefits envy as part of its assault on living standards.

Gentrification - the economy of the land and the role of politics

Wine and Cheese on the politics and economics of land and housing.

Islamism – Consequence of, heir to and rival of frustrated Arab nationalism

Wine and Cheese on the origins and meaning of Islamism.

“If we have rice, we can have everything”: a critique of Khmer Rouge ideology and practice

Junge Linke on the Khmer Rouge's reign of terror in Cambodia, and its origins.

Historical materialism - An anti-revolutionary theory of revolution

Junge Linke criticises the Marxist-Leninist concept of Historical Materialism.

Jobs, Growth, Justice: an alternative that isn’t - Junge Linke

With its economy in recession, the British government plans to cut a sizeable chunk of its subject’s means of living. In protest, British unions have united under the slogan of ‘Jobs, Growth, Justice’. What we want to explain in this text is how, if we look at each of those things in turn, the unions might as well have demanded ‘Poverty, Poverty, Poverty.’

Education is a duty - Junge Linke

In the wake of the wave of student protests and occupations over the increase in tuition fees, cuts to education funding and abolition of EMA, Junge Linke look at the role of education and the contradictions within the struggles.

Private property, exclusion and the state - Junge Linke

Junge Linke on the interdependence of private property, capitalism and the state

"You mean they actually vote for the lizards?" - Junge Linke

Junge Linke on elections, democracy and the state under capitalism.