John Jacobsen

Can fast food organising breathe new life into a dying labour movement?

A piece on the recent fast food campaigns launched by SEIU – their origins, means, and prospects for revitalizing the labor movement in the U.S.

Murder by another name

“Where’s my mother? Where’s my mother?” cried Rana Ahmed as she rushed through Enam Medical College and Hospital.

Mosammat Khurshida wailed as she looked for her husband. “He came to work in the morning. I can’t find him,” she said. “I don’t know where he is. He does not pick up his phone.

An arm jutted out of one section of the rubble. The lifeless body of a woman covered in dust could be seen in another.

The Chicago teachers strike and the privatisation of a generation

John Jacobsen reports on developments in the tentative contract between Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union in the context of increasing school privatizations.

Mobility, the 47%, and the Myth of Opportunity

John Jacobsen looks at U.S. Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's recent remarks on the 47%, and discusses the concept of "opportunity" in American political discourse.

Health care reform: the insurance lobby's triumph

Hospital Sign

The American people are acutely aware that the healthcare reform they received from the Obama administration has been the result of an immense number of compromises with both conservatives and private business interests. But few recognize just how corrupt those compromises became as deliberations over healthcare proceeded.

Will the Department of Justice Get Their Way in Seattle?

Seattle firefighters walk around a torched Seattle Police Department vehicle.

Seattle City attorneys officially threw down the gauntlet with the Department of Justice last week, filing court documents which challenged the “reliability and trustworthiness” of a recent DOJ report on the Seattle Police.

The DOJ report, which “finds a pattern or practice of constitutional violations regarding the use of force… as well as serious concerns about biased policing,” has been offered as evidence in an ongoing court case brought by Martin Monetti Jr. against the City of Seattle.Monetti, a Latino man, had his head stomped into the pavement after being told by then-Detective Shandy Cobane that he would “beat the [expletive] Mexican piss out of you, homie.”

Recall in Wisconsin – the Alternative Was Worse

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The votes are in: republican Governor Scott Walker has survived his much publicized recall election, besting his Democratic opponent, Tom Barrett, by a sound 9 point margin.

The “capitalism” we protest – response to Seattle Times author Jon Talton

For the full, original article, feel free to visit the Trial by Fire.

Author Jon Talton wrote two interesting pieces for the Seattle Times yesterday, one in anticipation of the May Day anti-capitalist march, and the other reflecting on it afterwards.

Occupy Wall Streets Next Steps – Part 2 – How to Win a Fight with the 1%

Over the past month, Occupy Wall Street has chalked up a large number of bold actions against both government and private authorities; it has led an attempted general strike, raucous marches, occupations of banks and abandoned buildings, disruptions of political speeches and press events, and a massive West Coast shut down of major port terminals partly to aid longshore workers in their fights against their employers.

Five years after hurricane Katrina, community still trying to find justice for residents

Last friday, three officers were finally indicted by a federal grand jury for the post-katrina murder of Henry Glover, and the ensuing five year cover up.