Jano Charbel

“工人们在让统治者快滚蛋” ——细谈埃及革命

Tahrir Square 解放广场

“无阶级社会之友”(德国共产主义团队)与 贾努·沙尔贝勒(一位埃及无政府工团主义的记者)的访谈录,2011年春季

Egypt: government moves to outlaw strikes

Egyptian anarchist journalist Jano Charbel looks at the Egyptian's governments moves to outlaw strikes and asks if it is promoting production.

Post-Ramadan strike wave hits Egypt

Egyptian postal workers.

The first two weeks of September have witnessed a massive wave of strikes, with many more planned for the rest of the month. These are taking place despite the law - issued in April - criminalizing strikes which harm the national economy, and despite regulations issued by the ruling military junta making negotiations during the course of strikes unacceptable.

Revolution in Egypt: interview with an Egyptian anarcho-syndicalist

Suez Canal workers protest, 2011.

Interview by the Friends of the classless society (Berlin) with an anarcho-syndicalist from Egypt.

Fire in Cairo: an Egyptian anarchist talks about the January 25th revolt

Textile workers on strike in Mahalla al-Kubra, Feb 17th 2011.

Libcom.org interview Jano Charbel, an Egyptian anarchist and blogger, on the January 25th uprising, how it has progressed and the possibilities for working class struggle in Egypt and beyond.

Egypt: public transport workers establish independent union

Cairo, March 24 2011: Egypt's newest trade union was established on Thursday; the Independent Union of Public Transport Authority Workers. Hundreds of PTA workers attended the inauguration and preparatory conference of their independent trade union - at the Journalists' Syndicate.

Egypt: Labor and professional syndicates join popular uprising

Egypt is currently witnessing unprecedented labor and professional unrest in parallel to the popular uprising which has swept through the country since 25 January.