James Butler

Not survival only - James Butler

Stonewall riot

Speech given at an event in South London to celebrate the role of marginalised LGBT people in the history of queer liberation movements as part of LGBT History Month.

Social cleansing in Tower Hamlets: interview with Balfron Tower evictee - James Butler

James Butler interviews Sara, a single-parent in Tower Hamlets, East London, which illustrates the impossible situation especially social housing tenants are being put in, squeezed on both sides by government cuts and gentrification.

Novara - Resonance FM

Novara - Resonance FM

A developing archive of the 'crucial' Resonance FM radio show Novara, discussing capitalism, crisis, communism and more.

Capitalist realism renewed - James Butler

James Butler responds to a Mark Fisher article on 'neo-anarchism'.

Nightmare politics: October 20th and after

Nightmare politics: October 20th and after

James Butler analyses both the poverty of the TUC's 'alternative', and of radical theory divorced from questions of organisation and tactics.

S02E004 - All Cops Are Bastards (redux)

An edition of the Novara radio show in discussion with James Butler (@PiercePenniless) and Fergus Jenkins speaking on behalf of the Network For Police Monitoring (@Netpol). The discussion looks at policing in the run up to the Olympics, the recent acquittal of PC Harwood for the death of Ian Tomlinson and the Hicks Judgement.

S02E001 - The graduate without a future

An edition of the Novara radio show looking at the theme of the ‘graduate without a future’ with James Butler @piercepenniless and Aaron Peters @aaronjohnpeters. While broad-ranging the parameters of the discussion will include this piece by Paul Mason, economics editor of BBC Newsnight, and this response by Butler.

Three thoughts on #Occupy

At a time when a banner reading Katalipsi! (Occupied!) flies from the Greek Finance ministry, here are three thoughts on the proliferating calls to #Occupy! From Pierce Penniless

Aftermath: the new normal

Cities, Riots, Maps, The Black Act & the 'new normal'. Pierce Penniless on the UK riots