Scarselli, Ferruccio (1892- 1921)

Ferruccio Scarselli

A short biography of Italian anarchist communist Ferruccio Scarselli

Against Capitalism, As Always!

Leaflet distributed by the PCInt during the "No Draghi Day" protests in Italy.

[Italy] “Against the Green Pass, against the State”

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• Trieste, Italy: protest against the Green Pass intensifies
• There is only one part of the fence…
• The Draghi government uncovers its true nature at the service of big capital and the ruling classes!
• Trento: Against the Green Pass, against the State and its Emergencies. Let’s block everything
• Nothing will be the same as before, for you


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Scarselli, Ines Leda (1906-1985)

Ines Leda Scarselli

A short biography of Italian anarchist Ines Leda Scarselli

Scarselli, Eusebio (1863-1934)

(From l. to r) Ida, Eusebio, Scintilla, Giacomo

A short biography of Italian anarchist Eusebio Scarselli

Scarselli, Ida (1897-1989)

Ida Scarselli

A short biography of Italian anarchist Ida Scarselli

Bar Kochba Revolt - Richard Marrison

A short history of the Bar Kochba Revolt of Jewish people against Roman rule in Judaea which began in 132 CE, written by Richard Marrison.

On the Events in Rome on 9 October

A well-attended demonstration (between 10 and 20 thousand people) against the Green Pass was held in Rome on Saturday, 9 October. The instigators were a varied bunch: from the "sincere democrats" who brandished copies of the Constitution, and the rights enshrined therein, to the galaxy of the far right who were (in an irony of propaganda) "against the health dictatorship" and for "freedom!”.

The Italian General Strike

The leaflet which follows was distributed by our comrades of the Internationalist Communist Party (Battaglia Comunista) in demonstrations across Italy last Monday. It was the first time that all the rank and file unions had united to call such a strike but as the leaflet makes clear it was only for a day and they gave the bosses plenty of warning. According to one of them (the Union Sindacale di Base or USB) there were one million on strike with demonstrations in over 40 places across the country involving 100,000.