Anarchy #09 1972

Ninth Issue of the second series of Anarchy magazine. This issue focuses on Urban Guerrilla groups.

The postal strike of 1922

Striking postal workers march, September 1922

Cathal Brennan tells the story of the postal strike of September 1922, in which the postal unions struck against pay cuts in the infancy of the Irish Free State and at the height of the Irish civil war.

‘Rough and ready work’: The Special Infantry Corps

Free State troops take prisoners

Article by John Dorney telling the story of the Special Infantry Corps, a military unit set up during the civil war of 1922-3 to suppress agrarian agitation and strikes.

The internment without trial of Marian Price

Whilst you may not share her politics, the internment without trial of the Irish Republican Marian Price, has profound implications for anyone involved in political activism.

IRA: anti-working class bastards! - Subversion

A response to the 1993 Warrington bombings. From Subversion #12.

Northern Ireland, the IRA and Class War

A debate between Subversion and a member of Class War over support for the Irish Republican Army (IRA), in issues 21 and 22 of Subversion in 1997.

Shoot to kill in Belfast, 1992 - European Counter Network

Report on the shooting of an IRA member by Belfast police in November 1992.

Archaic and bearer of communism: the class struggle in Ulster - J. Yves Bériou

Analysis of the national liberation movement in 1970s Northern Ireland, its relation to capitalist restructuring, and the possibilities this allows for class struggle.

Ireland, nationalism and imperialism, the myths exploded, 1972-1992 - Subversion

Written before the Good Friday Agreement at a time when the 'armed struggle' was still part of daily life in Northern Ireland this article, though inevitably somewhat dated, this remains a cogent analysis of the recent history of Ireland.

1920: An uprising in Munster

A hidden history of sympathy strikes, socialism, workers' councils and revolution in a corner of rural Ireland.