Stand up, get organized, fight and win!

This leaflet was distributed in Boulogne-sur-Mer by the comrades of “La Mouette Enragée” [The Enraged Seagull] on the occasion of the demonstration of October 5th, 2021 “against the pension and unemployment insurance reforms, against precariousness and for the increase of wages”. This “inter-union day of strike” is obviously only an umpteenth counter-fire aimed at putting out the flames of proletarian revolt…

[Chili] Près d’un demi-siècle après le coup d’État militaire : nous n’oublions ni ne pardonnons rien

Texte du groupe VAMOS HACIA LA VIDA à propos de l'anniversaire du coup d'état du 11 septembre 1973 au Chili.

Almost half a century after the military coup: we can neither forget nor forgive [Chile]

Text from VAMOS HACIA LA VIDA group about anniversary of September 11, 1973 coup in Chile.

“Revolution without borders” – Demonstration against the health pass (France)

Down with the State, the cops and the bosses – Revolution without borders

Since several months, a very confused protest movement has been developing throughout the world, a protest that targets the anti-covid vaccine obligation, as well as the “health pass” that goes with it, and its consequences in terms of reinforcing the social control exercised by the State over the proletariat.

Workers in Northern Ireland

World revolution or “building socialism”? Critical remarks on Kontra Klasa’s ‘Notes on the transition to communism’

A critique of Croat communist group Kontra Klasa's article 'Notes on the transition to communism' from a left-communist standpoint. Originally published in Intransigence, March 26, 2019.

Short History of Anarchist Participation in the Esperanto Movement

A short history of Anarchist participation in the Esperantist Labour movement.

[GCI-ICG] Theses on the revolution and counterrevolution in the Spanish region during the 1930s

We publish here a historical document, elaborated in 1997 by comrades of the Internationalist Communist Group (ICG), which synthesizes in the form of theses the programmatic ruptures reached by our community of struggle regarding the revolution and counterrevolution in Spain during the 1930s.

Colombia’s burning!