Why is there no labor party in the United States? - Robin Archer

Why is the United States the only advanced capitalist country with no labor party? This question is one of the great enduring puzzles of American political development, and it lies at the heart of a fundamental debate about the nature of American society. Tackling this debate head-on, Robin Archer puts forward a new explanation for why there is no American labor party–an explanation that suggests that much of the conventional wisdom about "American exceptionalism" is untenable.

An unfinished revolution: Karl Marx and Abraham Lincoln - Robin Blackburn

Examines the impact of the American Civil War on Karl Marx, and Karl Marx on America.

"The IWW and Anarcho-Syndicalism" (Freedom, NYC, Jan. 16, 1933)

"Freedom" superceded "The Road to Freedom".

End note reads in part: "The purpose of this article is to try and have an intelligent dispassionate discussion on the question of anarcho-syndicalism and Industrial Unionism..."

I.W.M.A.: May 1928 Congress Agenda

Apparently 1928 the IWA had difficultly finding a European country to host the 3rd Congress. The Congress was held in Liege, Belgium, May 28-29, 1928

I.W.M.A. : The Internationales and Fascism

"The International Workingmen's Association (Berlin), addressed to the Amsterdam International as well as to the Red Labor Union International (Moscow) a proposition of common action action in all countries against fascism."

IWMA: The Road to Syndicalism (Road to Freedom, Feb. 1926)

1926 IWA appeal to workers of the word to join the in their efforts

Views and Comments No. 48 (Winter 1965)

The No. 48 (Winter 1965) issue of Views and Comments, an anarcho-syndicalist leaning publication produced out of New York by the Libertarian League from 1955 until 1966.

An Interview with Karl Marx

A reporter for the New York World interviews Karl Marx in 1871 about the goals and organizational methods of the First International.

Salajro, prezo kaj profito: Karlo Markso

Parolado per Karlo Markso al la Internacia Asocio de Laboristoj en Junio 1865.

Marxism and a free society - Marcus Graham

An anarchist reply to Isaac Deutscher’s address on “Socialist Man” with particular reference to the Minutes of the First International and the sabotaging of the Hague Congress by the Marx clique.