intellectual property

A lengthy reply to David Hoffman

This reply has been a while in compiling, as Hoffman has, for a man regularly protesting how little he cares about the opprobrium of the anarchist set, been remarkably hardworking in his efforts to send letters to pretty much anyone who will listen to him say what a great guy he is and how Freedom is basically Dr No's richer, more unscrupulous successor.

Nearly 20,000 academic articles up on Piratebay

Almost 20,000 articles previously behind a pay-wall have been posted on Piratebay in protest at academic publishing.

Intellectual property rights: a debate

Primitivo Morales and Jon Christensen debate intellectual property rights in Processed World magazine.

Nipped in the bud - Iraq's new intellectual property laws

Iraq's revised intellectual property laws have stifled any chance of escaping US control, reports Rob Ray.