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This article is part of a wider 'internationalism series', produced by comrades from the 'Let's get rooted' network:

Hyperbole and horror: hijras and the British imperial state in India

Onni Gust on the British criminalisation of the Indian Hijras who did not fit the white colonial gender binary.

Factory occupation! Temporary and permanent Honda workers in Manesar, India

Amazon: A new business model better able to manage the contradictions of the capitalist mode of production

Amazon cardboard robot

An attempt to understand the functioning of one the world's most powerful companies using marxist categories - explaining how Amazon manages to combine the functions of productive, comercial and finance capital. The intention is, of course, to try to work out the implications for class strugle...

India, China and peace

JAYAPRAKASH NARAYAN’s article is the text of his inaugural address to the Sixth Sarvodaya Conference for Madras State last year.

The saints in session

GASTON GERARD attended the last Sarvodaya Conference at Raipur, and kindly sent us this account.

On Government

(Extracts from DEMOCRATIC VALUES, selections from the addresses of Vinoba Bhave, 1951-1960, Sarva Seva Sangh Prakashan, Kashi, 1962.)

Indian anarchism

GEOFFREY OSTERGAARD. who is a frequent contributor to ANARCHY, is visiting Professor of Political Science at Osmania University, Hyderabad.

Protests against the arrests of activists in India

Arrest Me too! I am Sudha Bharadwaj!

As part of an India-wide police operation on 28 August, activists Sudha Bharadwaj, Vernon Gonsalves, Arun Ferreira, Gautam Navlakha and Varavara Rao were arrested and the homes of many more raided. Beforehand, on June 6, five other activists had been arrested. They are all accused of being urban naxalites - that is, being active members of the Maoist guerrilla movement, which is engaged in an armed struggle in India. Accordingly, the draconian anti-terrorism law (UAPA) is applied.

(11mins, hindi with engl. subs.)