Kissing Goodbye To Their Koreas – Black Flag

A 1998 article from Black Flag contrasting the emerging "tiger" economies with the uprisings in Mexico and Albania.

Super imperialism: the origins and fundamentals of U.S. world dominance - Michael Hudson

Michael Hudson's in-depth and highly controversial study of imperialism, lauded by (among others) Loren Goldner.

Capitalist internationalism trounces petty Greek nationalism - Mouvement Communiste/Kolektivně proti Kapitălu

Victory for Syriza

Mouvement Communiste/Kolektivně proti Kapitălu Letter produced in September 2015 about the situation in Greece, explaining the capitalist logic behind Syriza's policies and the state of the economy and class struggle in Greece.

From Greece, coming to a place near you...?

Sometimes one reads a piece of news that should set the alarm bells of working class militants, anarchists, communists ringing loud and clear – should, but somehow doesn't. That strange mismatch between alarming news and an almost total lack of outrage struck me after I read reports that creditor insitutions involved in the Greek bailout/ imposed austerity programme want to impose a hugely longer working hours as a precondition for another bailout.

Scenes from the general strike in Portugal

On March 22nd the second general strike in four months took place in Portugal, ending in confrontations with the police in Lisbon, and once again illustrating the shifting landscape of resistance to the IMF-imposed austerity measures, and capitalism in general.

Portugal's largest demonstration for over 30 years

As the gangsters and crooks from the IMF et al are due to arrive in Portugal to assess the success of the austerity measures they demanded, 100,000 people gather in a protest against austerity in what is the biggest demonstration in the country for over three decades.

Close the IMF, abolish debt and end development: a class analysis of the international debt crisis - Harry Cleaver

The political targets of this article are reformist understandings of international debt and development. Opposing theories which 'blame the victim', Cleaver construes international debt as 'a weapon against the working class', and the debt crisis as 'a product of working class power' . Repudiation of debt is accordingly the necessary Marxist political response .

A worldwide strike wave, austerity and the political crisis of global governance - Steven Colatrella

Londoners March against the G20

Steven Colatrella on the global wave of strikes and uprisings which has been the working class response to austerity measures pushed by national governments and global governance bodies like the IMF, G20 and the World Bank.

General Strike in Greece leads to mass walkout but very small marches

The general strike in greece called by public and private sector umbrella unions has led to a mass walkout but demonstrations have been composed of very small numbers of protesters.