Theories of Decadence: Decadence of Theory

Draft translation of GCI-ICG’s text originally published in French in “Le Communiste” N°23 (November 1985) and in Spanish in “Comunismo” N°25 (October 1988).

Democracy mystified: a critical review of the book, Against Democracy by Miriam Qarmat (ICG) - Roi Ferreiro

Roi Ferreiro reviews Against Democracy, and subjects its attack on “democracy as a ‘thing in itself’” (“a fantasy of Bordiguist idealism”) and “liberty, equality and fraternity”—an attack that he depicts as abstract, ahistorical, reductionist, and reactionary “sophistry”—to a withering critique, asserting that such all-or-nothing verbal radicalism (“demagogy”) encourages “political indifferentism and passivity”, and he asks the rhetorical question, “is it possible for the ‘affirmation of the collective existence of men’ to be realized in any other than a ‘democratic’ way, and more concretely, in any other form besides that of ‘proletarian, direct and revolutionary democracy’?”.

France, autumn 2010: The blockade of the economy as an obvious fact

Here is finally the very rough and draft translation of GCI-ICG's text about the recent class struggles in France, we published in French on November 15th. Improvements to this translation will come later and can be directly downloaded in PDF version while clicking on the title here below. Good reading... and waiting for your comments and criticism.

20 years ago… In China democracy disarmed and slaughtered the proletariat!

Draft translation from our central review in French “Communisme” N°30, January 1990.

Yugoslavia: Imperialist war against the world proletariat, 1990s - ICG

The ICG's analysis of the war in Yugoslavia, with information about the preceding wave of workers struggles in the region.

Mutinies - Treason

Vietnam veterans demonstrate against the war, circa 1970

PDF pamphlet from 2003 with articles on mutinies in Vietnam and Yugoslavia.

1929-1939: 25 Concentration Camps in England - ICG

The recurring theme of forced work for the unemployed.

Comments on Pankhurst's "The Communist Party: Provisional Resolutions towards a Programme"

An analysis of Sylvia Pankhurst's role in the conflicts surrounding the emergence of the British Communist Party.