Hungary 56

Hungary ’56: “the proletariat storming heaven” - Mouvement Communiste

Mouvement Communiste’s analysis of the Hungary ’56 workers’ uprising. Stresses the importance of the collective actions taken by workers at the point of production and critically examines the demands and programmes that they put forward.

The Hungarian revolution 1956 - Scorcher publications

In the background there are two soviet-made ISU-152 self propelled assult guns.

An pamphlet on the revolution in Hungary 1956, published by Scorcher publications in 1984. No.1 in a series of Council Communist Pamphlets.

Hungary '56 - Nick Heath

Occupied radio station

A history of the Hungarian uprising of 1956, published as a special supplement of Anarchist Worker on the 20th anniversary in 1976

Hungary 56 photo gallery

Russian tanks in Budapest

Images from the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.
- History of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956
- Hungary '56 archive

The Hungarian Revolution: 1956

This is an anonymous account of the events of the near revolution of 1956, containing interesting information from interviews with participants.

The state and counter-revolution - Negation

A 1972 article by Negation, in the United States debunking the myths of Leninism and the New Left in particular.

Protests hit Hungary 1956 events

Ceremonies began outside the Hungarian parliament today to mark the 50th anniversary of the failed uprising against Soviet rule, but only after the streets had been cleared of hundreds of protesters.

1956: The Hungarian Revolution


The history of the Hungarian workers' revolution against the Communist dictatorship. A general strike was declared, and workers' councils sprung up across the country.

Hungary '56 - Andy Anderson

Andy Anderson's pamphlet, written in 1964 and published by Solidarity is invaluable as a guide to the events of the Hungarian uprising of 1956.