Harry Cleaver

"NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!" - Harry Cleaver

Looting during LA riots

Harry Cleaver on the LA Riots, from London Notes #1 1992.

The Uses of an Earthquake - Harry Cleaver

Midnight Notes on the disaster communism and refual of work in the Mexican community of Tepito.

The Commoner #5: Crises

Banner for The Commoner #5

Issue 5 of The Commoner magazine

Harry Cleaver debates Hillel Ticktin: on capitalism's present crisis... danger and opportunity

A debate organised by Radical Chains and London Notes in the 1990s

General introduction to Zerowork

A short introduction to the Zerowork journal by Harry Cleaver.

Immigration: The blockage of mobility in the Mediterranean basin - Yann Moulier and Pierre Ewenzyck

1978 article with an introduction by Harry Cleaver on migration controls in the Mediterranean basin area.

Internationalisation of capital and mode of production in agriculture - Harry Cleaver

Article on agricultural policy by American autonomist Harry Cleaver

Close the IMF, abolish debt and end development: a class analysis of the international debt crisis - Harry Cleaver

The political targets of this article are reformist understandings of international debt and development. Opposing theories which 'blame the victim', Cleaver construes international debt as 'a weapon against the working class', and the debt crisis as 'a product of working class power' . Repudiation of debt is accordingly the necessary Marxist political response .

Kropotkin, Self-valorization And The Crisis Of Marxism

This paper was written for and presented to the Conference on Pyotr Alexeevich Kropotkin organized by the Russian Academy of Science on the 150th anniversary of his birth.