Hackney’s anarchic nineties

A summary of anarchist activities in the Hackney area in the late eighties and throughout the nineties.

Top Boy, by Ronan Bennett, Channel 4

Yet another teenage gang tall story glimpses beyond the moral panics and tired miserabilism of most poverty porn.

London riots: Fight there on Mare Street

Rioting is continuing in Hackney after hundreds of people ripped through shops, attacked buses and took on Met police earlier in the day.

Hackney school teachers to strike

Teachers at Cardinal Pole school in East London are set to strike this week over suspected victimisation of a union rep.

Local report from Hackney, London - Crisis in the city's ripped backyard

A report on the effects of the crisis, cuts, restructuring and possibilities for struggle in Hackney, east London.

Workers' report: general conditions and the conditions for generalisation at Hackney Street Cleansing Department

A report about working life in refuse collection, recycling and street cleaning department of Hackney Council, including conflicts and co-operation in the workforce.

Bus drivers strike in Hackney

Bus drivers at CT Plus bus company struck on the 2nd of June to following the sacking of a Unite shop steward.

Wess, Woolf, 1861-1946

William Wess

A short biography of Jewish anarchist Woolf, aka William, Wess, active in the Socialist League in East London.

The Bacton Fashions strike, 1990 - Mark Metcalf

Bacton Fashions strike, 1990.

An account of the 1990 strike in East London of mostly immigrant workers, which won several concessions for the workers and prevented the owner starting a new sweatshop elsewhere.

The Battle of Broadway Market

Broadway Market

A report from Hackney Independent on the recent protests at Broadway Market.