Gregori Maximov

The guillotine at work, part 2: data and documents

Prisoners arrive at the Solovetsky Camp (1927)

This is part 2 of the The Guillotine at Work, containing documentation of the Bolshevik "Red Terror" in the wake of the Russian revolution, edited by Russian anarchist Gregori Maximov.

The guillotine at work, part 1: the Leninist counter-revolution

Originally published in 1940 in two parts, this is the (partly eyewitness) account of the Leninist terror inflicted upon Russia during the revolution after 1917.

Program of anarcho-syndicalism - G. P. Maximoff

Conception of society organized along anarcho-syndicalist principles.

Constructive anarchism: the debate on the Platform by G.P. Maximov

The development of anarcho-syndicalist ideas on working class organisation and the revolutionary struggle for the libertarian reconstruction of society, from the 1st International to the 1930's. A defence of anarcho-syndicalism against 'Platformism' and 'Synthetical' anarchism.

Counter-revolution and the Soviet Union - Gregori Maximov

The Red Army enter Tblisi, February 1921

Short essay by famous Russian anarchist, Gregori Maximov, on the defeat of the 1917 revolution by counter-revolution from within.

Maximov, Grigori Petrovitch, 1893-1950

Grigori Maximov

A short biography of leading Russian anarcho-syndicalist Grigori Maximov who was active in the 1917 Revolution.

Syndicalists in the Russian Revolution - Maximov

G. P. Maximov

An account of the effects Russian Revolution on the Russian syndicalists and anarchists, and vice-versa, by a leading Russian anarcho-syndicalist of the time.

Maximov, Gregori Petrovich - a short biography, 1893-1950

A short account of the life of a prominent exiled Russian anarcho-syndicalist, perhaps best known for his compilation of Bakunin's writings and also The Guillotine At Work - his epic survey of Bolshevik state repression from 1918 onwards.

Lenin's Terror within the Bolshevik Party - Maximov

Lenin and Trotsky at Red Square Moscow 20.05.1920

Anarchist Gregori Maximov's analysis of Lenin's repression of opposition factions within the Bolshevik Party during 1920-1921.