Green Anarchist

Letters - Black Flag #216

Letters to Black Flag about prison conditions, the London Anarchist Bookfair, Green Anarchist and Kieran Casey of the IWA.

Letters: Green Anarchist

Two of the editors of Green Anarchist write to Black Flag magazine.

Irrationalism: Steve Both Against "The Machine" - Black Flag

An article from Black Flag #215 criticising an especially obnoxious article in Green Anarchist magazine.

Green Apocalypse - Luther Blissett & Stewart Home

Green Apocalpyse was published by Unpopular Books in October 1995. It was an intervention in the lengthy and bitter disupute between the primitivist Green Anarchist Network and the communist Neoist Alliance.

Green Anarchist- bombs away? or away with the fairies?

Anarchist Communist Federation expresses its opposition to Green Anarchists statements in favour of bombings.

Organise Summer-Autumn 1998 Issue 49

original here-

Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh statement on Green Anarchist (31/7/1998)

DECISIONS OF SPECIAL ACE MEETING (31.7.98) TO DISCUSS GREEN ANARCHIST, supported by Scottish Anarchist Network as a Statement

Statement about Green Anarchist- Counter Information

Counter informations response to articles in the Green Anarchist. 1998.

Green communism: responses and our reply

The article in Subversion #21, Green Communism, provoked a flurry of correspondence. Much of it attacked from a primitivist viewpoint. Here are two of the letters for publication. One was from Green Anarchist, the second was from ”JW”. Then, of course, comes Our Reply. From Subversion #22 (1997)

Anarchism vs primitivism - Brian Oliver Sheppard

This important pamphlet looks closely at the fundamental conflicts between anarchism and primitivism.