The privatization of nature and the enclosure of life – Colectivo ETCÉTERA

A 2012 essay on the transformation of capitalist industrial agriculture into an all-devouring monster that strikes at the heart of life itself, at its reproductive capacities and genetic heritage, in the blind pursuit of profit without regard for biological or social needs, taking the form of a second “enclosure” movement, accompanied by a renascence of eugenics and neo-Malthusianism, that patents life forms and snake venom, and is simultaneously an appalling “experiment” with possibly catastrophic results, which the authors say can only be forestalled by uprisings and general strikes like those of the indigenous and urban excluded populations of Brazil, Bolivia, Guatemala, Nigeria, etc.

Notes on technological domination and the myth of the citizen - Some Enemies of the Best of All Transgenic Worlds

Published in Spain in 2000, this withering critique of biotechnology—composed in the situationist style—characterizes the production of GMOs as the latest “enclosure”, this time affecting the genome, “the most intimate commons of all” (Rifkin), and as an industrial offensive to create a “point of no return” by monopolizing patents on life itself and “substituting technical solutions for choices of a political nature”, for which purpose the miserable “citizen” and “civil society” movement were invented, to “modernize” the “methods of political management” so that the population can be more easily enlisted to support this “mode of production” that is “radically hostile to life”.

The final solution - Renaud Miailhe

An essay on biotechnology, its ideological precursors and its disastrous implications, with discussions of eugenics, futurism, fantasies of space colonization, genetic intervention to mitigate the harmful effects of unbridled technological and industrial development, genetic screening, the Human Genome Project, and the “proletarianization of life”.

In the name of reason - Encyclopedie des Nuisances

The Encyclopedie des Nuisances pronounces its judgment against GMOs on the occasion of the 2001 trial of one of its members, Rene Riesel, for the sabotage of transgenic rice in France, and predicts that "a series of high-tech debacles will deprive us of the comforts of this artificial life and will brutally plunge us into a devastated world" unless a resistance movement against "necrotechnologies" arises and puts an end to the industrial sterilization of the world.

Food, glorious food! Communist perspectives on nature and humanity #1

Article about genetically modified (GM) foods from the summer of 1999. We do not agree with its "ethical consumerist" conclusions, but reproduce it for reference.

We Don't Gotta Show You No Stinkin' Gene Screens!

interview with dr. paul billings, by shelley diamond & greg williamson

The Quest For Microwavable Pasta and Other Vital Needs

tale of toil: biotech secretary, by robin wheatworth