Gay Liberation Front (UK)

Manifesto - Gay Liberation Front

GLF members in Sussex on Remembrance Day, 1973

The manifesto of the UK organisation the Gay Liberation Front, written in 1971 in London and revised in 1978.

Carnival of the Oppressed, The Angry Brigade and the Gay Liberation Front

Gay News rally

An article investigating the relationship between Gay Liberationist groups and the British New Left.

A brief history of the Gay Liberation Front, 1970-73

GLF demonstration, August 1971

A short account of the Gay Liberation Front in the UK, written by Stuart Feather.

The origins of the Gay Liberation Front ... and disrupting the 'Festival of Light' - UK 1960s

Cliff Richard & Mary Whitehouse

An excerpt from "Days in the Life - Voices from the English Underground 1961-1971", p. 378-382, Pimlico, UK, 1998.
The 'Festival of Light ' was a short-lived UK right wing Christian campaign involving Cliff Richard, Mary Whitehouse, Malcolm Muggeridge and other 'concerned' religious bores. It was a lame attempt to counter the libertarian culture of the 1960s-70s by re-asserting traditional Christian values.