Friends of Durruti

Towards a Fresh Revolution - Friends of Durruti

Durruti's funeral, 1936.

Highly influential pamphlet of anarcho-syndicalist CNT militants during the Spanish Civil War who opposed the co-option of their organisation in the Republican government.

Workers Power and the Spanish Revolution - Tom Wetzel

Workers in Spain, 1936

Tom Wetzel's historical article and analysis of the Spanish Civil War and Revolution, and in particular the activities of the Spanish anarchists within it. In text and PDF format.

Pérez Navarro, Joaquín, 1907-2006

A short biography of Spanish anarchist and last surviving member of the Friends of Durruti, Joaquín Pérez Navarro.

Durruti, Buenaventura, 1896-1936

A biography of legendary Spanish anarchist and Civil War fighter Buenaventura Durruti.

Jaime Balius and The Friends of Durruti

Balius Mir, Jaime, 1904-1980

Jaime Balius Mir.

A short biography of Spanish anarchist, civil war fighter and editor of the Friends of Durruti paper, Jaime Balius.