Freedom Press

The Spies for Peace and after – Nicolas Walter

One of the definitive articles on Spies For Peace by one of the group's members, Nicolas Walter. Originally published anonymously in The Raven (1988).

The Raven #05 1988

An issue of The Raven journal from June 1988 covering various topics. Contents of extremely variable quality.

Includes an excellent article about Spies For Peace by Nicolas Walter.

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Notes on Freedom and the Freedom Press 1886-1986 - Heiner Becker

Percy Meachan in Freedom's machine room, 127 Ossulton Street (1927)

A detailed history of the early years of Britain's anarchist newspaper Freedom. Originally published in The Raven, 1987.

The Raven #04 1988

An issue of The Raven journal from March 1988 covering various issues. Articles of extremely variable quality.

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The Raven #03 1987

An issue of The Raven journal from November 1987 covering various issues.

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The Raven #40: Genetic Modification

An issue of The Raven from Autumn 1999 covering issues around genetically modified food from various perspectives. Edited by Donald Rooum.

Witness for the Prosecution - Colin Ward

At the end of the 2nd World War, Colin Ward was a young soldier beginning to be interested in anarchist ideas. Here he describes how he was called to give evidence against the group he later joined.

Published in Wildcat #1 1974. Text from The Anarchist Library.

Disaffection, 1797 to 1974

A timeline of resistance in the British armed forces published by Wildcat in 1974.

Text from The Anarchist Library.

Feminism: Disarmed? Indulgent? Introverted?

Article by Iris Mills from the pamphlet "Against Separatism" by Joe Peacott. The article first appeared in Freedom in 1981. It is a transcript of Mills’ presentation at a debate at London’s Autonomy Centre on September 25 1981

Legacy of Imperialism

A Freedom Press article from the 1940s on the Windrush migrants and the conditions which they left behind