Franz Mehring

Karl Marx: the story of his life - Franz Mehring

Part of the series of biographies of Karl Marx.
'Karl Marx: The Story of His Life' (German: 'Karl Marx. Geschichte seines Lebens'), first published in German in 1918, is considered a classic amongst biographies of Marx. Written by Franz Mehring (1846-1919).

The Bakunin-Marx split in the 1st International - Franz Mehring

Bakunin & Marx

Excerpts from Mehring's Karl Marx - The Story of His Life (1918) on the conflict between Bakunin and Marx in the 1st International (International Working Men's Association). Mehring gives a very evenhanded account of the famous split that was to initially define the historical relationship between the statist and anti-statist wings of the working class movement. Unlike most other Marxists up to the present - and whilst maintaining his political disagreements with Bakunin's anarchism and criticising his faults and weaknesses - Mehring without bias also points out the slanders, intrigues and trickeries of Marx and his supporters in this episode.