France strike wave 2007

France: Student day of action, early reports

A national day of action, with demonstrations and continued action by student strikes was called for today.

France: gas and electricity workers strike

Workers for the state-owned gas and electricity companies (GDF and EDF) have begun a one-day strike after negotiations broke down on Tuesday.

France: strike action continues at the Paris Opera

Workers at the Paris Opera have been striking since October 18th in defence of their pension regimes.

France: Social Security workers to strike over purchase power

In a week that has seen Sarkozy's approval rating drop below 50% yet another group of workers prepares to fight back against worsening conditions.

France: Students demonstrate in Paris

Some 3000 school and university students marched through the streets of Paris today to show their continuing opposition to the LRU

France: repression of the student movement intensifies

Student demonstrations and occupations are finding themselves the targets of violence organised or incited by the authorities.

Brief report on the assemblée générale of students at Nanterre university 27/11/07

A brief account of the results of the meeting, attended by at least 1000 students.

Account of the assemblée générale of staff at Nanterre university 27/11/07

The assemblée générale was attended by a total of around 130 staff, almost 30 of whom addressed the meeting. A student representative was also present.

France: university strikes and occupations against the LRU continue

Students across France have been voting on the next step in the ongoing struggle against the so-called reforms of the LRU law.

France: Rail workers end strikes

After nine days of strike action rail workers finally ended their strike, although they did not win their demands the strike still had many positive aspects.