First of May Anarchist Alliance

What is an anarchist strategy in Ukraine?: response to an ongoing crisis

Exerpts from First of May Anarchist Alliance discussion on the events in Ukraine. We do not necessarily agree with many of the views here, but reproduce for reference and discussion.

Notes and review on Captive Genders

Some notes and a review of the book Captive Genders: Transembodiment and the Prison Industrial Complex by a First of May Anarchist Alliance member from Detroit.

Jerome Jackson Remembered (1955-2014)

An obituary by First of May Anarchist Alliance of Jerome Jackson, a Detroit anti-foreclosure and disability rights activist.

Sharing the pains, indignities and anger: the New Left's strategy of "industrialization"

An interview with a former member of the Revolutionary Socialist League, which put a priority on encouraging members to get factory jobs in the 1970s.

Rebellion against police violence - toward community defense, dual power and revolution - First of May Anarchist Alliance

The murder of Mike Brown at the hands of a police officer in Ferguson, MO evoked rage among the people, both in his neighborhood and across the country. The militant protests that followed were an understandable and appropriate response . . . To deal with the problem of police violence we must rebel against police occupation, build the capacity to defend ourselves as well as our neighbors, and create alternative institutions where people can turn to solve problems within our communities in a fair and healthy way.

"Powerless": treatment programs within the prison industrial complex - Nick O.

Mandatory prison treatment program

A critique of the role of prison treatment programs by an anarchist and ex-prisoner.

Power to the people, not politicians! A critique of socialist electoralism

Statement from the Minnesota Local Collective of First of May Anarchist Alliance regarding the Socialist Alternative campaign for City Council in Minneapolis. SA seems poised to make some electoral breakthroughs in Seattle and Minneapolis where they may score over 40% of the vote and conceivably even win seats in city government. This prospect has caused quite a bit of discussion on the Left which is likely to only increase after the election.

Response by a Syrian anarchist to the First of May statement on Syria

A Syrian anarchist responds to Toward an anarchist policy on Syria by the First of May Anarchist Alliance, largely correcting misconceptions and historical inaccuracies in the document.

Toward an anarchist policy on Syria - First of May Anarchist Alliance

Given the centrality of Syria to global politics, it is essential that anarchists understand what is going on there and develop a critical attitude toward the events that are unfolding. This is a position paper on the struggle in Syria by the First of May Anarchist Alliance. do not agree with it but we reproduce it here for reference and discussion.

Organize to resist anti-gay attacks and violence! - M1 Collective

Mark Carson Street Memorial

Summer’s here and that means celebrating; from annual Pride festivals and street parties to the recent Supreme Court’s striking down of the Federal anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act. There is a growing sense that people everywhere can be who we are, love who we choose, on our own terms and in our own ways. But a string of attacks and murders in New York City against gay men and women has shocked us!