Salamé Miro, José, 1920-2007

A short biography of José Salamé Miro, militant of Spanish origin active in France and the Spanish Revolution.

Marti, Vicente, 1926-2006

A short biography of Spanish anarchist Vicente Marti who fought in the resistance to Franco and was involved in the anarchist movement in France.

Montes, Jose Perez 'Pepin', 1915-1947

Jose Perez Montes, 'Pepin'

A biography of Jose Perez Montes, 'Pepin', a Spanish anarchist who fought in the Civil War and then set about organising the clandestine resistance.

Téllez Solà, Antonio, 1921-2005

Antonio Téllez Solà.

A biography of an anti-Franco guerrilla who became the leading historian of the Spanish Resistance, Antonio Téllez Solà.

1939-1943: The Pallarès Action Group

Dictator: Franco

A short history of one of the small groups of anarchist guerrillas who fought in the Resistance to the dictatorship in Spain.

Carpena, Pepita, 1919-2005

Pepita Carpena

A biography of veteran Spanish anarchist and women's liberationist Pepita Carpena.

Casas, Juan Gomez, 1921-2001

Juan Gomez Casas.

A short biography of Juan Gomez Casas, underground militant, then first post-Franco Secretary General of the CNT and prolific writer and historian.

Mann, Enrique Martinez 'Quique', 1927-1947

Enrique Martinez Mann

Brief biographical information about Spanish anarchist and anti-Franco guerrilla movement fighter Enrique Martinez Mann, 'Quique'.

Mombiola, Maria, 1914-2000

Maria Mombiola

A short biography of Spanish anarchist Maria Mombiola, who fought in and assisted the Resistance to Franco.

Facerias, Jose Lluis, 'Face', 1920-1957

Jose Lluis Facerias aka 'Face'.

A short biography of Jose Lluis Facerias, 'Face', Spanish anarchist who fought in the Civil War and guerrilla resistance to Franco.