Perez, Concha, 1915-2014

Concha Perez

A short biography of the Spanish anarchist militant Concha Perez

Collectivizations: The constructive achievements of the Spanish Revolution. Essays, documents and reports - Augustin Souchy and Paul Folgare

Now available in English for the first time, this survey of industrial and agricultural, urban and rural collectives in libertarian Spain, written by the Foreign Affairs Secretary of the CNT, Augustin (Agustin in Spanish) Souchy, and Paul Folgare (or Polgare, a/k/a Pal Partos), first published in Spanish in 1937 by Tierra y Libertad, complements the more well known works of Gaston Leval and Sam Dolgoff, and despite its blatantly propagandistic purposes, nonetheless frankly acknowledges some of the shortcomings of the collectivization process, which the authors generally characterize at one point as “collective capitalism” and in another instance as “the socialization of poverty”.

Spanish Civil War and Revolution poster gallery, 1936-39

Archive of posters from the Spanish Civil War and Revolution, 1936-39. Includes posters from the CNT, FAI, Mujeres Libres, Friends of Durruti, FIJL, the Iron Column, UHP (Uníos Hermanos Proletarios - Union of Proletarian Brothers) and some joint posters between the CNT and the reformist UGT.

Spanish civil war and revolution photo gallery, 1936-39

Anarchist workers in the Spanish revolution

Photo gallery of anarchists and other workers who attempted a social revolution after the military uprising of the right-wing General Francisco Franco in July 1936. Thanks to for supplying some of the pictures.

Edo, Luis Andres, 1925-2009

Luis Andres Edo

A short biography of Luis Andres Edo, one of the last historic figures of the Spanish anarchist organisations CNT-FAI.

Paz, Abel aka Diego Camacho, 1921-2009

Diego Camacho aka Abel Paz

A short biography of anarchist militant and historian Diego Camacho aka Abel Paz

1936-1967: A history of Spanish anarchist youth paper 'Ruta'

Victor Garcia's brief history of the Catalan libertarian youth newspaper from its founding in the civil war to its final issue.

Borrell, Federico 1912-1936

Federico Borrell.

Short biography of Spanish anarchist Federico Borrell, made famous by the iconic photo The Falling Soldier by Robert Capa.

Estorach, Soledad, 1915-1993

A short biography of Soledad Estorach, one of the most dynamic founders and activists of Mujeres Libres.

Salamé Miro, José, 1920-2007

A short biography of José Salamé Miro, militant of Spanish origin active in France and the Spanish Revolution.