Strikes at Fiat and letter of solidarity from Poland

A series of strikes has been taking place this week at Fiat plants throughout Italy.

Fiat Tychy Tries to Impose Worse Conditions

The management of FIAT in Tychy are trying to get the unions to agree to even worse working conditions.

Letter from Fiat workers in Tychy

The following is a letter sent from an underground group of workers in Fiat Poland in Tychy.

1980: Defeat at Fiat - Marco Revelli

An analysis of the historic five week strike of Fiat workers in Turin against mass layoffs, which was defeated and ushered in a new age of insecurity for Fiat workers in Italy.

Update on the car industry, 2005

Short update on strike of lorry drivers which stopped production at FIAT plant in Melfi/Italy, a strike note from VW in Navarra/Spain and news on ‘revolutionary’ production relations between assembly plant and suppliers at DC in Toledo/USA.

Organising at Fiat, 1969

Fiat workers strike in the hot autumn of 1969

The speech of a worker from the Fiat Mirafiori plant outlining workers' organising efforts and lessons they had learned in the militant struggles running up to the hot autumn of 1969.

An interview with workers at Fiat, 1970

1970s Fiats

Three workers from FIAT Mirafiori in Italy describe the experiences of the Southern immigrant coming to work in the industrial cities of the North. The conversation was recorded in Turin during December 1970.

FIAT factory blockaded

The FIAT factory at Pomigliano (NA) in Southern Italy has been blockaded since Thursday April 10th.

Worker and student struggles in Italy, 1962-1973 - Sam Lowry

A history of the wave of strikes and occupations that gripped Italian factories and universities during the 1960s. Coming to a head with the Hot Autumn of 1969, independent forms of struggle used by workers represented a significant attempt to break from restrictive trade unions.

Spontaneous strikes at Fiat Mirafiori, Italy, 2005