The Activist vol.15 #1-2 1975 - Wages for Housework issue

The Activist - A Student Journal Politics and Opinion, numbers 1 & 2, the Wages for Housework issue. Important collection of articles on Wages for Housework and the social factory.

Liverpool Anarchist #13

Latest issue of the Liverpool Anarchist with articles about a recent LGBT+ protest, strikes, sterilisation and trans history.

Okupa Cuba Casa Refugio: The Shaheen Bagh of Mexico

Indian anarchist Pranav Jeevan P writes on a feminist occupation in Mexico. Content warning: this article includes discussion of sexual violence. This article was first published by Round Table India.

Women's Cafe

A shortl article on the difficulties faced by Women's Cafe, a squatted social centre in Berlin in the early 1980s.

Originally published in Frauenbewegung und Hauserkampf — unvorsohnlich? (Women's Movement and Squatting Movement -irreconcilable?)

New Chauvinism?

A problematic account of violence against women and macho behaviour in the squatting movement of West Berlin in the early 1980s.

The original article is followed by some letters in response, some of which seem to excuse violence against women and other sexist behaviour.

A difficult read, which is presented here as an insight into the downsides of subcultural political scenes and not because we agree with it.

Five Houses - Dora Schemme and Barbara Rosenberg

Jagowstrasse 12 Feb 1981

Profiles of five squatted houses in West Berlin in the early 1980s, including quotes from the female occupants.

Interviews by Dora Schemme and Barbara Rosenberg. Originally published in German feminist magazine Courage (#4 April 1981): "Frauen Besetzer Hausen"

“The Future ls Female” - Joan Reutershan

Hexenhaus squat

An article on the feminist Hexenhaus (Witch House) squat in Berlin in 1981.

Originally published in Sylvere Lotringer (ed) - Semiotext(e): The German Issue (1982)

Against Imperialism, Patriarchy, Sexism: Let's Fight For Our Liberation!!!

Article from London Notes #1 1992

We translate and publish here an article/leaflet recently circulated in the European Counter Network. It deals with women's position within the capitalist relation of work as (re)producers of the most important commodity, that is labour power. It deals with the recent strategies outlined by international agencies and private corporations to control and plan the quality and the quantity of this commodity, through the control of women's bodies and their sexuality. It appeals for the circulation of political analysis on this subject and of struggles against these strategies.

Feminism: Disarmed? Indulgent? Introverted?

Article by Iris Mills from the pamphlet "Against Separatism" by Joe Peacott. The article first appeared in Freedom in 1981. It is a transcript of Mills’ presentation at a debate at London’s Autonomy Centre on September 25 1981

Every Rose Has Its Thorn: Reflections from the 2020 Black Rose Split and a Warning to the Patriarchal Revolutionary Left

Article published on March 1st 2021 about a split away from the Black Rose Anarchist Federation.