Eduardo Galeano

The opiate of the people? - Eduardo Galeano

The late Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano on some intellectuals and their views on football.

Soccer civil rights

Obdulio Varela

A vignette about the 1949 Uruguayan footballers' strike by Eduardo Galeano, self-professed beggar of good soccer and author of Soccer in Sun and Shadow.

The origin of the world

A vignette about a Spanish anarchist and worker after the revolution's demise.

Days of Crime and Nights of Horror - Ramor Ryan

Ramor Ryan reviews Days of War, Nights of Love: CrimethInc for Beginners (CrimethInc Workers' Collective, 2001) and Days and Nights of Love and War by Eduardo Galeano (New York: Monthly Review Press, 1983).