Edgar Rodrigues

Elena Quinteros, 1945-1976

Elena Quinteros

A short biography of Uruguayan anarchist teacher Elena Quinteros, who was disappeared by the US-backed military dictatorship, written by Edgar Rodrigues.

Birth of the FAI


An article about the founding of the Iberian Anarchist Federation in 1923.

Leuenroth, Edgard, 1881-1968

Edgard Leuenroth

Biography of the German-Brazilian journalist and typesetter who committed his life to anarcho-syndicalism and anti-clericalism.

Santos, the Barcelona of Brazil - Edgar Rodrigues


The struggle of dockers and carters in a Brazilian port city during the beginning of the 20th century.

A history of the anarchist movement in Brazil - Edgar Rodrigues


A short history of the anarchist movement in Brazil.