Mayday 2004 in Dublin

This year saw an EU summit in Dublin. it fell on May Day. Irish anarchists organised against it. Black flag interviewed one of the organisers of the march against the EU summit. A member of the Workers Solidarity Movement,. he is speaking here in a personal capacity. More information on the protests can be found at indymedia.ie and struggle.ws/eufortress/

Article from Black Flag #224 (2004).

IWW statements on language school organising in Dublin

Workers in Dublin's English language schools have been getting organised!

The Dublin McDonald's strike, 1979

Dublin McDonald's strikers

A post-mortem of the 6 month strike by ITGWU members at Ireland's first two branches of McDonald's in Dublin by the Anarchist Workers Association.

The Dublin lockout, 1913 - John Dorney

Police attack strikers on bloody Sunday

A short history of Ireland’s most significant industrial dispute: the mass lockout of 20,000 workers by 400 employers in Dublin from August 1913 to January 1914.

Don't forget about non-teaching language workers!

See DoS.  See DoS run.  Run DoS run.

The bosses try to divide us by job - don't buy that sh*t. A re-print from Photocopy This, a paper-only newsletter for TEFL workers in and around Dublin which advocates for the unionization of language workers.

LSSE Wobblies send solidarity to the sacked A2Z staff

Support sacked A2Z staff

The IWW members at the Leicester Square School of English would like to send our fullest solidarity to the workers at the Dublin A2Z language school who, much like ourselves, have experienced the callous indifference of TEFL bosses.

“Every action was done collectively”: An interview with newly unionised TEFL workers

Faced with an attack on their working conditions, TEFL workers in Dublin formed a union, threatened to strike, and beat back a pay cut!

Practical anarchists, we’: social revolutionaries in Dublin, 1885–7 - Fintan Lane

Article by Fintan Lane on the pocket of anarchism in Ireland in the 1880s.

The Dublin lockout of 1913 - Interview with Padraig Yeates

A video interview/ documentary on The Dublin Lockout of 1913 with Padraig Yeates, a leading historian on the subject. He has written extensively on it and is the author of 'Lockout: Dublin 1913'. This Interview, conducted by two UCD students Aoife O’Neill and Michael Smalle, was filmed in Liberty Hall and is being used by the 1913 committee in their program of events.

Irish public sector general strike 2009 photo gallery

"Official Strike"

A selection of images from picket lines across Dublin during the nationwide public sector strike on the 24th of November against government plans to slash public services with 4 billion euro in cuts in the December budget.

While many sections of the media tried to claim workers used the day to go shopping in Newry, pickets were visible on every street in the city with private sector workers showing solidarity with beeps, cheers and even cups of coffee.

Trade unions have announced plans for a second national strike in public sector next week if they do not reach agreement on a pay deal in talks with the Government.