direct unionism

On 'direct unionism'

IWW general strike propaganda

John O'Reilly reviews some of the perspectives laid out in the 'direct unionism' discussion paper.

Direct unionism in practice: undermining service industry barriers to worker solidarity

This response is primarily written with the intention of facilitating an introduction to Direct Unionism for service workers who are very new to labour. We hope to participate in the DU discussion, and share with those interested how we have been affected by these conversations and also how we are practicing and implementing these ideas.

Navigating negotiations


Nate Hawthorne takes a look at how labor-capital structures of negotiation have changed in response to worker militancy and the state changing how it deals with what capitalists do. Along the way he gets into Joe Burns' new book, the ILWU-EGT conflict, the Occupy movement and 'direct unionism'.

Trade union factionalism and rank-and-file organising

Over the past year, it's become increasingly evident that the branch of the civil servants' union PCS I'm part of is beset by factionalism. In particular, the dominance of a ruling clique has been like a cancer which has seen people drop out of being reps, and even go off work with stress, because of the bullying occurring within the union. In my own rank-and-file approach to organising, I've butted heads with this problem on more than one occasion. This blog is a reflection of the issues at hand and an attempt to focus my own thoughts in terms of how to combat that.

Struggle changes people

This article discusses the idea that the experience of struggle and direct action transforms people.

Workers, the state, and struggle

Article about the state and ways that struggles by workers sometimes reinforce capitalism.

Debate on 'direct unionism'

Collection of letters, articles and responses mostly from the IWW's Industrial Worker around the 'Direct Unionism' discussion paper.

Counterpoint: Response To Juan Conatz’s Take On “Direct Unionism”

An IWW member argues against some of the perspectives laid out in 'Direct Unionism: A Discussion Paper' and 'A response to 'Direct Unionism: A Discussion Paper': Parts 1 and 2.

Response to “Direct Unionism: A Discussion Paper”

A response by a member of the Seattle-based Black Orchid Collective to 'Direct Unionism: A Discussion Paper'

Mottos and watchwords: a discussion of politics and mass organizations

Nate Hawthorne takes on some of the contradictions of revolutionary unionism and mass organizations.