Notes on dialectics - C.L.R. James

C.L.R. James out of print major work written in 1948 and circulated within the Johnson Forest Tendency. James continued to recommend it as essential reading to members of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers in the early 1970s.

Introduction to the philosophy of marxism: part one - R.S. Baghavan, foreword by CLR James

Out of print introduction to Marxist philosophy by R.S. Baghavan of Socialist Platform.
Foreword by CLR James-- one of his last pieces of writing.

Dialectical Reason

Rick Turner

This article, by the anti-authoritarian radical South African philosopher and trade unionist Rick Turner, (assassinated in 1978) was first published in Radical Philosophy in 1973. It is primarily an engagement with Jean-Paul Sartre's Critique of Dialectical Reason.