Deterritorial Support Group

FREE/GRATIS- education as sabotage and the poverty of student rhetoric

An article that attempts to tie in the anti-education cuts movement with a deeper critique of the education system.

Clockwork Utility

DSG's article on the demonization of militant tactics at protests and the self-policing of the UK student movement by unions and liberals.

VIRAL/FERAL – Working class youth and the “social media revolution”

An article by Deterritorial Support Group on the emerging utilization of social media and its potential for working class youth.


An assessment of the 2010 UK student movement and proposal for a disruption of financial services.

Meet the 'Ikea anarchists'

A self-portrait by the Deterritorial Support Group

An article from The Guardian on the 'ultraleftist propaganda machine' known as the Deterritorial Support Group.

Class Rules Everything Around Me / WOT, NO DEMANDS?

Police at Occupy Oakland.

DSG briefly outline the break from the 'We Are All in This Together" rhetoric in regards to the economic crisis and how new forms of class struggle may start to emerge.