David Nicoll

A tribute to David Nicoll (1859-1919)

portrait of David Nicoll, leaning his head on one hand

In March 2019 it’s a hundred years since the death of David Nicoll, anarchist speaker, writer, editor, poet and activist.

The Walsall anarchists - David Nicoll

David Nicoll's pamphlet on the Walsall bomb plot. Published in 1892.

Bullets for bread! the Featherstone massacre

A contemporary article by David Nicoll on the Featherstone massacre and the futility of parliamentary politics. On 7th September, 1893, locked-out miners in the pit town of Featherstone, West Yorkshire confronted their bosses. In response, troops were called in and they proceeded to fire on the workers. Published in the The Anarchist: A Revolutionary Journal of Anarchist Communism.