Dave Dellinger

The Black Rebellions (1967) by Dave Dellinger

Detroit Riots 1967 military tank

Dave Dellinger, principled anarcho-pacifist revolutionary (and one of the Chicago 7 defendants in 1969), wrote this essay in response to liberals – like Martin Luther King – endorsing federal troops being called in to suppress the 1967 Detroit Riots. His position is that we support "the side of the oppressed and exploited," in this case fighters for black liberation during the uprisings in Newark, Detroit and Spanish Harlem, not the "establishment" – meaning the state's repressive forces in the form of cops and the military.

Refresher Course in Jail

DAVE DELLINGER is one of the editors of the New York monthly Libertarian, from whose August number his account of a recent refresher course in jail is condensed.