Czech Republic

J18: In the City... All Around the World – Black Flag

The damage assessors list is endless and in the eurovision rioting stakes London

Black Flag on the J18 anti-capitalist protests on June 18th 1999 in London and globally.

Asylum Seekers in Dover: Part One

An article from Black Flag in 1998 about Roma asylum seekers from Czech Republic.

International News / Anarcho Quiz - Black Flag

Short pieces from Black Flag #215 1998.

1968: La Praga Printempo

Mallonga historio de la Praga Printempo en 1968.

Amazon: A new business model better able to manage the contradictions of the capitalist mode of production

Amazon cardboard robot

An attempt to understand the functioning of one the world's most powerful companies using marxist categories - explaining how Amazon manages to combine the functions of productive, comercial and finance capital. The intention is, of course, to try to work out the implications for class strugle...

La travivaĵoj de la brava soldato Ŝvejk dum la mondmilito - Jaroslav Hašek

Statuo de brava soldato Švejk ĉe staciodomo en Humenné - Slovakio, kie Švejk est

La travivaĵoj de la brava soldato Ŝvejk dum la mondmilito (1921-1923) estas kvarparta humora romano de ĉeĥa verkisto Jaroslav Hašek tradukita en 54 lingvojn, kelkfoje filmita kaj ankaŭ dramigita. Temas pri la plej signifa verko de Hašek fare de multe da homoj kunigita kun ilustraĵoj de Josef Lada. La morto bedaŭrinde ne permesis al Hašek fini sian verkon.

Socialism With a Human Face or With Goose Pimples? - Karel Tynsky

An account by a Czech journalist of the trials convenved to punish those who took part in the protests of the Prague Spring.

Their Struggle is our Struggle - Andre Granou

A Czech worker argues with a Soviet Soldier

A letter by French Marxist Andre Granou on the escalating repression of Czechoslovak intelectuals and workers in the after math of the Soviet crushing of the Prague Spring.

An Open Letter to Angela Davis - Jiri Pelikan

Czechoslovak dissident and former member of the Communist party Jiri Pelikan wrote this open letter to Angela Davis requesting her support for Czechoslovak political prisoners. She declined.