The problem with hip hop: patriarchy, proletarians and revolutionary culture

An article by Crudo about hip-hop as culture of the working class and some of the problems within the music.

What If the black bloc held a summit and the G20 had a bake sale?

Crudo critiques some perspectives on summit protests.

Managers of marauders of the desert?

A critique of activism, both liberal and anarchist.

Notes on a new proletarian anarchism

Some notes within the context of the American anarchist 'scene'.

Vengeance rains down

An article by Crudo about the 2009 Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair, where the Maoist cultlike Revolutionary Communist Party was forced out.


Collection of issues of Vengeance, an insurrectionary anarchist influenced publication from California.

Phoenix: where anarchists pack heat and send nazis packing

Crudo, of Modesto Anarcho, writes an account of a 2009 anti-fascist rally in Phoenix, Arizona.