Cornelius Castoriadis

The crisis of modern society - Cornelius Castoriadis

The crisis of Modern Society

A talk given by 'Paul Cardan' (Cornelius Castoriadis). Issued as a pamphlet by Solidarity (London) a month later in June 1965. (Solidarity pamphlet No. 23).

History & revolution: Solidarity Discussion Bulletin 1 - Bob Potter and Maurice Brinton

History & revolution - Solidarity Discussion Bulletin 1

Bob Potter, a former member of Solidarity criticizes the Solidarity pamphlet 'History and Revolution' by 'Paul Cardan', and Cardan's treatment of Marx. Maurice Brinton responds.

The meaning of socialism - Cornelius Castoriadis (Solidarity version)

The Meaning of Socialism

'The Meaning of Socialism' is a text by Cornelius Castoriadis (writing as 'Paul Cardan'). It was published in September 1961 by the UK group 'Socialism Reaffirmed' (which later renamed itself Solidarity) and became Solidarity pamphlet No.6.

Socialism or barbarism - Solidarity

Socialism or barbarism (1962)

1969 reprint of a text published jointly by Socialism Reaffirmed (later Solidarity), Socialisme Ou Barbarie, Unita Proletaria and Pouvoir Ouvrier Belge following their May 1961 meeting which attempted to redefine socialist objectives and methods of struggle in the conditions of the early 1960s.

Solidarity, the market and Marx - Adam Buick

Adam Buick's critique of market socialist elements of the Solidarity translation of Cornelius Castoriadis' text Workers' councils and the economics of self-managed society.

Workers' councils and the economics of self-managed society - Cornelius Castoriadis

Cornelius Castoriadis/Paul Cardan's proposals for the workings of a society based on the principle of self-management by workers' councils, originally published in English by Solidarity in 1972. We have significant disagreements with it as it retains the key features of capitalism, but we reproduce it for reference.

From workers autonomy to social autonomy: the experience of Socialisme ou Barbarie. An interview with Daniel Blanchard - Amador Fernández-Savater

Daniel Blanchard (a/k/a Pierre Canjuers) discusses his experience as a member of Socialisme ou Barbarie during the 1950s and 1960s in this undated interview published in 2008.

The workers against bureaucracy

The final in a three-part debate conducted within the pages of Marxist ultra-left journal Socialisme ou Barbarie on the nature of the trade unions. Translated by Corinne Chambers and published in English by Ninth Symphony Press (Collective Action) as 'Worker Autonomy: Debate on the Unions'.

Facing reality - CLR James and Grace Lee Boggs

Writing in collaboration with Cornelius Castoriadis and Grace Lee, James examines the practical process of social revolution in the modern world.

Reply to Castoriadis - Pannekoek

Pannekoek's final response to Castoriadis's letter in Socialisme ou Barbarie, translated by Asad Haider and Salar Mohandesi for Viewpoint Magazine.