Unions call for house committee investigation of possible misuse of US aid in Colombia

Communications Workers of America (CWA) International President Larry Cohen and United Steelworkers (USW) International President Leo W. Gerard issued the following statement today regarding their request to a member of the House Select Intelligence Committee that there be an investigation of press reports that the government of Colombia may have misused U.S. government aid by spending it to investigate and undermine the activities of labor leaders and union activists in that South American country.

From coca to capital: free trade cocaine

John Barker on the 'War on Drugs', unequal free trade legislation, and their relationship with capitalism and its woes more broadly.

Obama downshifts American imperialism in Colombia

It can be argued that the U.S. owes a collective “morality debt” of diplomatic reparations for centuries of state-sponsored terrorism and deplorable interventionism in and around the Republic of Colombia. Numerous “banana republics” joined Colombia, resulting from 500 years of “gun-point capitalism” fueled by the U.S. State department at the behest of multi-national corporate interests.

War all the time: the differences between the internal and external aggressor in Venezuela

Chávez the militarist

As President Hugo Chávez beats the war drum with Colombia over the presence of US military bases near the Venezuelan border, violent crime and scarcity in the República Bolivariana continue to soar to almost bewildering levels.

Plan Colombia - Noam Chomsky

Right-wing paramilitaries in Colombia

Chomsky explains the Colombian government plan with US military aid, supposedly for fighting the "war on drugs" but actually to counter the struggles of poor peasants and workers.

Colombia: Is kidnapping a method of revolutionary struggle? A libertarian socialist position

This article, originally published in Spanish in El Libertario # 52, February-March 2008, Venezuela, critically examines the kidnapping tactic Marxist guerrillas are using in Colombia.

Thousands on strike in Colombia

3,500 workers are on strike in protest at temporary employment contracts in the world's most dangerous nation to be a trade unionist.

Colombia: hunger strike at Cuaca University


A group of sixteen students have launched a hunger strike at Cuaca University in Popayan (Southern Colombia).