Striking Coca-Cola women speak out

12 women in red anti-Coke T-shirts at the gates of the factory

On Saturday 1st March we met with 12 Coca-Cola workers. In this group interview we wanted to find out how the closure of the Fuenlabrada plant would effect their lives. They wanted to talk because each has a story to tell. A story very different from looking "on the Coke side of life."

Indefinite strike at Coca Cola's Madrid plant

Coca-Cola workers in Alicante.

On Wednesday the business put 1250 workers under ERE (notification of termination). Three other sites (in Asturias, Alicante and Palma) debate how to respond to the stoppage.

Thousands of Coca Cola workers walk off the job

Thousands of Coca Cola workers across Germany are staging a series of short term ‘warning’ strikes this week in protest over their wages. Workers at two factories in Bavaria walked out today, with a further 50 plants expected to follow suit later in the week.

Teamsters close down Coca Cola bottling plant

Coca Cola worker in Connecticut walk off the job in response to attempts to reduce pay and benefits, and implement redundancies.

Burp! Pepsi vs Coke (Documentary)

Burp! Pepsi Vs Coke (1984) in the Ice Cold War traces the history of these brands against the backdrop of global politics

Coca Cola plant goes up in flames

Three persons died and several others were injured when the multi-million naira Coca Cola plant at Eyean, near Benin City, Edo State, on Tuesday went up in flames during an explosion that causes extensive damage to the facility.

UK: Coca-Cola workers strike over pay

Wakefield Coca-Cola workers fight for their rights in Feb 2007

Workers at a Coca-Cola plant have begun a 48-hour strike, followed by an overtime ban, after rejecting a below-inflation pay rise.

Wakefield: Coca Cola workers may strike

Wakefield Coca Cola plant

Workers at Coca Cola's bottling and distribution plant in Wakefield may strike over pay.

How the Allied multinationals supplied Nazi Germany throughout World War II

The following excerpts thoroughly document how capitalists really acted during the Second World War. Behind the patriotic propaganda that encouraged the working class to slaughter each other in the interests of competing national interests, international capital quietly kept the commodity circuits flowing and profits growing across all borders.

Coca-Cola blockade ended after legal challenges

Blockades have finished, but the workers are taking up their grievances in court

Former employees from the Venezuelan bottling plant have ended their blockade after Coca-Cola sought a legal ban on the blockade.