CNT-AIT (France)

International McStrike leaflet, 2002

International leaflet produced for the attempt at a strike at McDonalds, 16 October 2002.

Workplace Conflicts, Protest and Resistance: Actions of the lWA in 2015 (Part One)

A look at some of the actions of the lWA Sections and Friends in 2015. Fighting through direct action has, in many cases, forced bosses big and small to pay up what they owe, to admit they illegally fired someone and pay them compensation, to make improvements in working conditions and give them raises. Without union bosses and leaders, for all categories of workers.

Why do anarcho syndicalists oppose professional elections?

Explanation by CNT-AIT (France) of why they oppose participation in works councils.

This is no time to retreat

Text by French anarcho-syndicalists CNT-AIT Caen arguing for a continuation of the struggle against pension reforms despite the law being passed by the Senate.

What we are not being told about French pensions

Text from CNT-AIT France debunking common myths about the government's proposed reforms to pensions.

Anarcho-syndicalist methods

A text from the French CNT-AIT written in March 2006, covering anarcho-syndicalist tactics and strategy.

France: Seven anti-fascists arrested

Fascist leader - Le Pen

Seven anti-fascists are currently under arrest in Toulouse, charged with the use of weapons to commit violent acts after clashes with the police.