CNT-AIT (France)

Kio estas CNT?


Direct Action #56 (March 1989)

Issue #56 of Direct Action, with articles on privatisation and water safety, poll tax resistance, religion and the Rushdie affair, the Channel Tunnel, prisoner Martin Foran, salmonella and food production, a report of an IWA conference, locked-out workers in Bombay making their own detergent, an incinerator in Doncaster, a report from the French CNT on a strike wave there, whether the working class still exists, loyalist murder gangs and the killing of Pat Finucane, a Bloody Sunday remembrance march, Runcorn rugby players striking, history teaching in schools, and more.

Direct Action #41 (July-August 1987)

Issue #41 of Direct Action, with articles on the Coleman strike in Manchester, a conference of strike support groups, a strike over compulsory overtime at HFW Plastics in Gateshead, the racism of the British state, riots in Leeds, media coverage of cervical cancer, a defeat for the NF in Thurrock, the CNT struggle in Puerto Real, international news, the collapse of a joint union pay campaign in the civil service, sackings at Salford Plastics, the prosecution of two Leicester unionists involved in the Wapping dispute, Jewish anarchism in the East End, the Mujeres Libres, sectarianism in Northern Ireland, an interview with the French CNT, and more.

Direct Action #39 (May 1987)

Issue #39 of Direct Action, with articles on a strike against low pay in the civil service, the Ardbride/Laura Ashley and Midlands Trader disputes, tensions in the post office, Islington's "socialist" Labour council trying to break the union, the 1987 election, fascism, the USI and French CNT, Turkish anarchism, a strike wave in Brazil, chemical and biological weapons, the need for solidarity with South African workers, workplace hazards like RSI, a report from a DAM conference, the introduction of GCSEs, worldwide starvation and more.

Direct Action #27 (January 1986)

Issue #27 of Direct Action, with a review of 1985's news, a critique of the right-wing leadership of the electricians' union EEPTU, the need for rank and file groups and a report from a "rank and file conference wrecked by Marxists", a guide to health and safety at work, an article from the French CNT about the situation in France, slave labour under the Nazis and in Brazil today, a history of the IWA-AIT and announcement of the IWW's planned conference in Chicago for the 100th anniversary of the Haymarket Massacre, a review of "The Good Terrorist" by Doris Lessing and more.

International McStrike leaflet, 2002

International leaflet produced for the attempt at a strike at McDonalds, 16 October 2002.

Workplace Conflicts, Protest and Resistance: Actions of the lWA in 2015 (Part One)

A look at some of the actions of the lWA Sections and Friends in 2015. Fighting through direct action has, in many cases, forced bosses big and small to pay up what they owe, to admit they illegally fired someone and pay them compensation, to make improvements in working conditions and give them raises. Without union bosses and leaders, for all categories of workers.