The Arrogance of Uncontested Power - Laurens Otter

A pamphlet published by Laurens Otter of Wrekin Syndicalists examining the Hilda Murrell case, when a critic of the Thatcher government was murdered under suspicious circumstances. Originally scanned by The Sparrow's Nest.

Protest without illusions

CND march

Compilation of writings of British anarchist Vernon Richards from 1955 to 1964 on the anti-war movement and movement for the abolition of nuclear weapons.

Disillusionment, anarchy and war

DONALD ROOUM's article is the substance of a speech he gave to a meeting on 29th March, 1967, organised by the London Federation of Anarchists to explain anarchist and near-anarchist attitudes to the Easter demonstrators. The other speakers were Andy Anderson of Solidarity, Ken Hawkes of the Syndicalist Workers' Federation, and Robert Barltrop.

I've Dislodged a Bit of Brick

DONALD ROOUM, born in Bradford, 1928, is a typographer and. cartoonist who wrote on Freedom of Access in ANARCHY 17.

Direct Action and the New Pacifism

NlCOLAS WALTER, who was one of the original members of the
Committee of 100 is a frequent contributor to Anarchy and to Freedom

Is Britain Worth Dying For?

Lady Olga Maitland (Families for Defence) arguing with CND in 1987

Transcript of the opening remarks from a debate between Steve Coleman arguing No (for the Socialist Party of Great Britain) and Lady Olga Maitland arguing Yes, (Women and Families for Defence) also a member of the Conservative party, taking place on 19 January 1984 at Islington Central Library in London. Full audio recording also available online.

Solidarity for workers' power #2.11

Eleventh issue of Solidarity for workers' power with articles on the lastest in the CND and at Fords, the Committee of 100, hitchhiking in the US and more.

Solidarity for workers' power #2.10

Special edition of the Solidarity for workers' power journal dedicated to Aldermaston and events within the CND.