Workers' autonomy strikes in China - Mouvement Communiste and Kolektivně proti kapitálu

Striking workers at Honda, Zhongshan, summer 2010

A pamphlet by Mouvement Communiste and Kolektivně proti kapitálu about the wave of strikes that swept the industrialised coast of China in the summer of 2010.

Porto Marghera – the last firebrands

Excellent booklet on the widespread class struggle in the chemical factories of the Italian industrial zone of Porto Marghera in the 1960s and 70s.

Energy workers to ballot for strike action across Britain

Construction and maintenance staff at the giant petrochemical complex in Grangemouth are to be balloted for strike action. Members of the GMB and Unite unions will vote on the issue along with those at seven sites across the UK.

Pharmaceutical workers struggle in Wembley

Workers at the Chemilines pharmaceuticals firm in Wembley, north west London, are stepping up their campaign for decent pay and dignity at work.

The Ecological Challenge: Three Revolutions are Necessary

With a planetary ecological crisis on hand, it can no longer be denied that socialism will be incompatible with mass production and mass consumption. Indeed, even without returning to Malthusian catastrophe theories, we are forced to admit that the planet’s resources are not inexhaustible. These resources could provide for humanity’s needs, but only if they are used in a reasonable and rational way, i.e., in a manner directly opposed to capitalist logic, which in itself is a source of imbalance.

Vietnam: More wildcat strikes hit manufacturing

Strikers outside a plant

After 3,000 furniture workers struck on Monday, thousands more walked out over low wages.

2000: Cellatex chemical plant occupation

Cellatex workers build fires outside the plant

An account of a group of 153 sacked Cellatex chemical workers in France who won a massively improved redundancy deal due to militant struggle, albeit one with some misguided tactics