Beating police repression after the student occupation - Fitwatch

Police intelligence watchdog Fitwatch published the following article on their site after the events at 30 Millbank, London last Wednesday. The Metropolitan Police responded by pressuring their domain host into closing down for "at least 12 months".

The Sioux City free speech fight, 1915

A woman speaks during the San Diego IWW free speech fight, 1912

Description of the 1915 free speech fight in Sioux City, Iowa by the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) union. From underground newspaper Free Flowing (July 1977), published out of Ames, Iowa.

Anarchists in court, England, April 1945

Cartoon from War Commentary

This article describes the British state's efforts to suppress the anti-militarist views expressed by the anarchist paper War Commentary and the Freedom Press group during World War II, and the subsequent popular campaign that sprung up in defense of the paper in particular, and freedom of the press in general.

Poles 'n holes: Working in the porn biz

Pornography worker Chaz Bufe on work, sexuality and censorship in America. We do not agree with all of it (for the reasons outlined by Commie Princess in the comments below) but reproduce it for reference.

Get this racist Jack Straw off the BBC

Leaflet distributed at the Unite Against Fascism demonstration against British National party leader Nick Griffin's appearance on Question Time arguing against censorship and "ruling class anti-fascism".

1893: The Manchester Anarchists and the Fight for Free Speech

Police repression against British anarchism is not a new happening. In 1893 anarchists in Manchester put up a fierce fight against police attempts to silence them

Venezuela: The case of RCTV and the fictional democratization of communication

El Libertario's position in the debate on the case of RCTV, where the current government overturns the capitalist private oligopoly of TV to the monopoly of a bureaucratic and authoritarian state.

Venezuela: student march repressed

Police used rubber bullets and tear gas against students protesting against the closure of the RCTV television channel.

The fight for freedom of speech on Glasgow Green, 1916-1932

Spanish Civil War rally on Glasgow Green, late 1930s.

The history of the successful struggle to restore freedom of speech and assembly in one of Britain's oldest parks after it was banned in 1922.