Franchini, Mauro 1930-2012

Mauro Franchini

A short biography of Mauro Franchini, Italian anarchist active in Carrara

Pelliccia, Nelly (1925-1945)

Anarchist column in Carrara region

A short biography of Italian anarchist partisan Nelly Pelliccia

Meschi, Alberto 1879-1958

A short biography of Alberto Meschi, great figure of Italian anarchism and still remembered fondly in Carrara.

Del Papa, Ugo, 1875-1916

A short biography of Ugo Del Papa who was, with Alberto Meschi, one of the founders of anarchism in the marble town of Carrara in Italy.

Pedrini, Belgrado, 1913-1979

Italian partisans in World War II

A short biography of anarchist Belgrado Pedrini who took part in antifascist resistance and as a result served 30 years in prison in post-Mussolini Italy.

Bibbi, Gino, 1899-1999

Mugshot of Gino Bibbi.

A short biography of Italian anarchist militant Gino Bibbi, who used his engineering skills to develop weaponry to fight the fascists in the Spanish Civil War.

Obituary: Goliardo Fiaschi, 1930-2000 - Stuart Christie

Obituary of Italian anarchist Goliardo Fiaschi by Stuart Christie from the Guardian newspaper.

Fiaschi, Goliardo, 1930-2000

Goliardo Fiaschi

A biography of Italian anarchist and anti-fascist partisan and book seller Goliardo Fiaschi.

Lucetti, Gino, 1900-1943

Gino Lucetti

A short biography of the Italian anarchist, Gino Lucetti, who tried to assassinate the world’s first fascist dictator, Benito Mussolini, in 1926.

Nicolazzi, Alfonso, 1942-2005

Alfonso Nicolazzi - picture taken by libcom

A short biography of Italian anarchist air steward and organiser Alfonso Nicolazzi.