Court out! Racist groups try to use court cases for publicity

A look at far right groups Like the British National Party and English Defence League trying to piggyback onto court cases to get publicity, whether those involved want them to or not.

EDL Liverpool report

The far right make a hames of things. Again! A February 2012 update on the antics of the English Defence League and British National Party.

Nazi opportunists descend on Liverpool

Liverpool anti-fascists counter a UK wide mobilisation of Nazi's as the protest outside Liverpool Crown Court in an attempt to make political capital out of a case involving alleged paedophiles.

Does the new EDL/BFP merger mean the end for the BNP?

As the EDL/BFP merger of fascists gathers pace, does it spell the end for the decaying carcass of the BNP?

Action! Race War to Door Wars [Review]

Refutation by a former Anti Fascist Action member on some of the "facts" from a book by a former British National Party member.

General election 2010: Anti-manifesto

A brief overview of what the various parties offer in the run-up to this election.

Bombs, BNP splits and the EDL

Terrorist: Terence Gavan

The 11-year prison sentence passed down to BNP bomber Terence Gavan, the ongoing Aryan Strike Force trial, the ructions in Stoke council group and the general election fallout, and the forthcoming EDL demo mean continued strife for the BNP and far right groups.

Eddy Morrison and The NF

The NF are busy trying to absorb disillusioned BNP supporters but there is factionalism afoot with the Fronters.

The EDL, the BNP and Stoke

The EDL, the BNP and the possible co-operation of local football firm ‘the Naughty Forty’ has serious public order implications at the January demonstration in Stoke.