On Strike at Stop & Shop: Interview from the Picket Line

An interview with a striking Stop & Shop worker, originallly published by the Black Rose Anarchist Federation.

Striking workers at Boston Insomnia Cookies win settlement

An article by Jake Carman about a settlement between IWW strikers and a Boston area retail cookie shop.

A short history of the Boston police strike, 1919

A short history of the unsuccessful strike of Boston police officers in 1919. does not support strikes of police officers but we host this article for reference.

The many headed hydra: Sailors, slaves, and the atlantic working class in the eighteenth century - Marcus Rediker and Peter Linebaugh

Article on class struggle and compositon in the period leading up to and during the American revolution, showing how the struggles of sailors and slaves drove the movement to national liberation.

Class Struggle Beyond Unionism: Boston-Area Public Workers' Ferment. 1981-82

Goldner interviews Scott McGuire about the attempts of Boston Public Workers to resist the effects of proposition 2 1/2